Eval2D Available for Prototyping Procedural Textures

Eval2D runs C# scripts and displays results visually as you type; it’s a visual REPL for quick prototyping. Eval2D includes a small function-oriented library for procedural texture generation.

It’s worked well enough for me, and I’ve recently cleaned up the API and written some bits of documentation to the point where it might be useful to others. It’s intended for anyone with programming/scripting experience who needs to make some noise. The noise library could be included in a game using the same code written in the app, although it’s not really designed for high performance.

Download: Eval2D- (2.2 MB)

Screenshot of Eval2D showing code view and Voronoi noise.

.NET 4.5 is required, which is available here if you don’t have it yet.

I included a tutorial as the default script that covers much of the API. For additional reference, check the assembly .xml files and the readme. Note that this is an early release and much of the app is in an incomplete state. Feedback is welcome!